Monday, December 12, 2016

JibFest: One of the Best Nights on Campus

About two weeks ago on a nice and chilly Friday night, ShredMC (St. Mike's Ski and Snowboard Club) held their annual rail jam on campus called JibFest in the 300's Field. As the President of ShredMC this is was night that I was looking forward to for awhile. Countless hours were spent by not just the officers but also Grace Kelly, Mark Litchfield, Paul Olsen and other members of the Student Association, to make sure that this night went off without a hitch. The whole setup of the structure and all of the ramps are done by members of ShredMC.

Bringing the ramps down to Main Campus
Fortunately, we had perfect weather for JibFest, it wasn't too cold or too warm and it wasn't raining or snowing. Close to 400 or 500 people showed up to support their fellow classmates and the competition kicked off around 7:30. We had a DJ constantly playing music, people on the grills handing out free food and hot chocolate, and local businesses and school clubs and organizations handing out free promotional items.

Photo by David Sproul

It was one of the best nights I've had on campus this year and I am stoked that everyone who competed and came to watch enjoyed themselves.

The setup. Big thanks to Jay Peak for providing the rails

Keep scrolling down if you want to check out some more pictures from JibFest!

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Taking everything apart

Deconstruction of the ramps the next morning

Unloading one of the many truckloads of snow from the local ice rinks

ShredMC Officer Cormac Hurley putting some finishing touches on the ramps.
Photo by Rachel Proctor

Senior Aeddan Flaherty sending it down the ramp.
Photo by Rachel Proctor

Senior Caleb Mann hitting one of the many rails.
Photo by Rachel Proctor

Senior Mik Horne was one of two women competitors this year.
Photo by Rachel Proctor

Shredmc Treasurer and the Men's Ski Champion Mitch Yahna hits the rail.
Photo by Rachel Proctor

Photo by Rachel Proctor

ShredMC Officer and Junior Joey Luca hits the rail.
Photo by Rachel Proctor

Photo by Ross Henry

Ski Champion Mitch Yahna is surrounded by friends after the competition.
Photo by Ross Henry

A few of the ShredMC officers surround a painting by Seamus Cahalane to honor the late Jerry Collins, Class of 2017
Photo by Ross Henry

Photo by Ross Henry

ShredMC Officer Billy Farrell walks up to the podium to receive his award for best fall.
Photo by Ross Henry

The sunset over the JibFest setup

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